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Cancrete EasyPad

Pouring a pad is a hassle.  Make your next livestock water bowl a snap!


Cancrete Technology

To make a concrete waterer that will last through years of use, you need the best in concrete technology matched with the best of components.

Made in Canada and the USA

Cancrete Waterer Products

All cattle waterers are NOT created equal. Cancrete has been engineered to withstand harsh winter, hot summer and heavy cattle use by Canadian and USA producers.

Nobody knows better than a cattleman the importance of water to cattle gain and condition! The last thing you need is waterer problems in -40F. This waterer can withstand the abuse of our climate and the cattle. Proven success in all the major feedlots, Cancrete comes out on top. Don t Make a Purchase. Make an Investment!!

Cancrete Brochure 2018

Ideal for Boer Goats, Sheep and Small Animals.
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Indestructible for Equine and Elk.
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Horseproof bowl - perfect for between stalls and great for exotics in a fence line.
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Cancrete's Model C150 is perfect for Smaller Groups, Sick Pens, Horses & Bison.
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An Excellent choice for Cow/Calf Pens and up to 250 Head of Feeder Cattle!
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C350 is an Ideal Mid-Range Waterer and Perfect for Pens of 300 Head!
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The C450 Stops Fighting in Cow Pens and will Service Pens of up to 400 Head!
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Cancrete's Model C120 "The Bad Boy" Ideal for large cow numbers & Feedlot application. Excellent for continuous flow and beef barns where end service door is outside.
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The Bad Boy Our C550 will look after up to 700 Head of Feeder Cattle and is great for Free Stall Dairy Barns with or without Electrical!
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The "Dairy Bowl".  Designed to fit between feed alleys with multiple drains.
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You need the best in concrete technology

To make a concrete waterer that will last through years of use, you need the best in concrete technology matched with the best of components.

Air entrained concrete and superior attention to quality control throughout the entire precast process is the key to Cancrete durability. Air entraining produces microscopic air pockets that allow any moisture in the concrete to expand and contract in these pockets, not in the concrete itself. The result is a super strong hull that can weather the freeze / thaw cycle without cracking. Its no big secret, just a lot of hard work and attention to the details.
  • Heavy gauge Stainless Steel is used on the valve cover, service door, ball float and all hardware.
  • Easy access through the large service door.
  • Precast hulls are made from steel reinforce, 6000 PSI, air entrained, sulphate resistant concrete.
  • A model for any size pen of cattle, horses or bison.
  • Deep trough bowls are easy to clean and have 2 funnel drains in C250 and up.
  • No sharp corners.
  • Bowls are epoxy coated providing chemical protection from sodium, manure, acid and silage.

Cancrete EasyPad

Pouring a pad is a hassle. Make your next livestock water bowl a snap!

Advantages of An EasyPad
  • Eliminates concerns with last minute installation (i.e. ground frozen, etc.) "Perfect when winter catches you off guard!"
  • Eliminates having to pay extra charge for short load of concrete
  • Eliminates the concerns of having the ground fall away due to settling the next year and potentially undermining
    the pad, leaving a hollow spot. With EasyPad simply pick up the bowl, the pad, fix and pack the ground
    and you are good to go.
  • Eliminates having to buy forming materials, steel and, of course, the labor to make a pad when the summer
    is short already.

Design and Construction Features

  • Poured in place inserts and bottom stand offs so that pad can be picked up with a front end loader,
    pallet forks or even bale forks if spacing is correct and they are strong enough.
  • Built to a standard to withstand Cancrete's heaviest bowl and livestock weight using the same dry poLJr
    8000 PSI concrete as Cancrete's bowls.
  • Fully designed with steel reinforcement to withstand freeze thaw cycles.
  • Corners eliminated as cattle break them off anyway.
  • Rough surface and 14" diameter hole in center to allow for any size riser pipe.