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Cancrete®'s 10 Year Warranty (3 Year Full Replacement on Hulls) shows we have confidence in our product.

North American made for producers that "Demand the Best"

Nobody knows better than a cattleman the importance of water to cattle gain and condition!  The last thing you need is waterer problems in -40F or +90F.

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Ranchers, "The Original Environmentalists"

Cancrete® specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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We no longer make COWCRETE for UFA. It is still available via Peavy Mart, our Dealers or contact us directly!

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Made in Canada and the USA



Peavey has always been the place to go for Livestock Water Tank, Trough Parts and Cancrete Water Bowls in B.C., Alberta And Saskatchewan, Now they are in Manitoba!!

Peavey Mart

1150 Nairn Ave #12, Winnipeg,


1 204-663-6880

We no longer make COWCRETE for UFA. It is still available via Peavy Mart, our Dealers or contact us directly!

Cancrete in a new pen at Gabe Cooks place in Wyoming!


Shaun and Kelly Smith-Fraser, Vice Chair and Director Alberta Beef Producers! At the Montana Stockgrowers Convention!


Shaun with Dr. Ron Gill! One of this world’s most renowned Beef Experts
For over 20 years Ron Gill has provided technical expertise in beef cattle nutrition, management and handling to livestock producers all over the world as livestock a specialist for TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION.


Cody Horvath, Advanced Agri Rep. hands over this new Chute to, Winner, of the Priefert RC98 Manual Roping Chute, donated by Advanced Agri- Direct Inc., Leduc, Alberta and Priefert Manufacturing, to Abe Peters of Taber Alberta Canada. He is looking forward to replacing his current chute with his "New" Priefert Chute.


Their Finals were September 20th in Claresholm, Alberta. Abe was the Average Winner!


Shaun with Speed Williams at the NFR in Vegas!


"I'm Queen of the Castle!" - This is what happens when you funnel your alley right to a waterer and leave them nowhere else to go!


Turner Bison on a Cancrete!


Shaun with Temple Grandin at the Denver Stock Show


Cancrete C250 at -28F Watering 180 head. Howard, North Dakota


Monty with "BAXTER BLACK" at the Denver Stock Show


Cancrete supports breast cancer awareness

This Cancrete bowl was donated to the Cattlemen's Ball in Nebraska to help fund Cancer Research.


CANCRETE Future Customers!

Don't make a purchase, make an investment!

All cattle waterers are not created equal.  Cancrete® has been engineered to withstand harsh winter, hot summer and heavy use by exotic animal, equine, dairy, cow/calf and feed yard producers.

This waterer can withstand the abuse of your climate and the cattle!  Proven success in all the major feedlots, Cancrete® comes out on top.

Regardless of the amount of livestock and herd size, Cancrete® has a model suited to your needs.

Regardless of the amount of livestock and herd size Cancrete has a model suited to your needs. With Extremely low maintenance you can be assured that whether its a small Cow Calf operation, a large feedlot with several hundred cattle or a dairy farm Cancrete Waterers are going to make watering easier for you.

Cancrete Waterers are Reliable in all types of temperatures from 100F to -40F. After all the last thing you want to worry about is Freezing Water at -40 or Dehydrated animals at 100F.

Setup a Cancrete Waterer in your Pasture or in a Pen and let us take care of your Cattle, Bison, Horses and other Livestock Watering needs.

We also carry Replacement parts for HEDSTROM and SIMONSON water bowls, HEDSTROM and SIMONSON Concrete water bowls, HEDSTROM and SIMONSON Livestock Water bowls.